Dental Experts Recommend Healthy Habits To Enhance Your Smile And Health

Dental Experts Recommend Healthy Habits To Enhance Your Smile And Health

Leading dental experts have recommended guidelines to help patients improve their dental and overall health. They recognise that eating a healthy diet is vital for overall health and well being, and advise on also looking at the intake of vitamins and minerals.

It goes without saying that patients should set and attend regular check ups and cleaning appointments. Patients should also follow any home dental routine as advised by their dentist, and pay attention to any particular care instructions. Your dentist may suggest products or brands with added benefits such as fluoride mouth rinses or interdental brushes. Your dental practice may also provide you with free samples to try at home.

Experts strongly advise against the use of at home treatments, such as teeth whitening and orthodontic devices such as clear aligners designed for home use. These products are also referred to as Direct To Consumer and Do It Yourself products (DTC and DIY). Obviously relying on patient supplied impressions or images is not going to achieve a favourable or lasting result. This can lead to a poor fit and sub optimal results. An improper fit can lead to irritation of the gums and other concerns. Other problems can also include mis-alignment and gum disease.

Direct to consumer products are frequently advertised online and should be avoided due to the sub optimal results, likely to be short term, risk of complications and other issues and lack of support. For the best results you should see your dentist, you can then choose to self refer or ask for a referral if your dentist does not provide the treatment of your choice. This can include Invisalign clear braces and other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Once you have avoided the area of direct to consumer products you can stick to a good home care routine to care for your teeth and look after your smile. Other dietary and lifestyle changes will also improve your smile and your health. These include looking at the foods you eat, the drinks you consume and any snacks you have. You should also avoid grazing or eating too many small meals, as its best to reduce the amount of time your teeth are exposed to acid wear and food.

Sticking to a routine of meal times or meal times and snack times is best for your health. Exercise is also important but making changes to your diet can be win win for your health and your smile. If you are a smoker your dentist will likely have discussed with you the benefits of smoking cessation. As well as the obvious health benefits, there are many benefits to stopping smoking and these include avoiding the discolouration caused by nicotine and enhancing the health of your gums.

The changes you should be making are small and consistent, as these add up over time. Your dentist will look forward to seeing you to ensure you receive the best care and achieve the best possible results with any treatment you choose. Choosing healthy habits will help you to maintain and improve your overall health, dental health and the appearance of your smile.

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