Industry Insights: Dental Spa Trends

Industry Insights: Dental Spa Trends

Increasingly in the dental industry, there has been a move from traditional or stuffy dental offices to luxury relaxing dental spa suites. This shift has been fuelled by demand from patients, celebrity clients and a merging with the aesthetics sector. Increasingly dental offices are offering other aesthetic treatments such as beauty treatments and skin care products.

This has seen a move towards more high end exclusive services and treatments. Often a practice will define their ideal patient demographic in their business plan, and this will determine the facilities required to attract and serve this ideal patient demographic. This will also set the range of treatments to be offered such as clear braces, and the demand for such treatments in the area.

Practices are then able to market their facilities and treatments. For nervous or sedation patients, these types of facilities are appealing and provide a helpful distraction from the anxiety of going to the dentist. Patients are also able to have other relaxing or aesthetic treatments at the same time and may book a package for example a pre wedding or pre summer package.

For practices, this means recruiting staff or partnering with a beauty or massage practice to offer additional services. Dentists are free to set their own proposition for their choice in terms of the range of treatments they offer.

Another significant benefit is the cross selling opportunities provided by the strategy. This includes the offer of a free mini massage or beauty treatment, and the offering patients other treatments and dental treatments. A useful question to ask patients is if they are happy with the appearance of their smile. Many patients will reply no, some feeling they would like to have straighter teeth and others feeling they would simply like a whiter brighter smile. Patients who wish to improve their appearance will often upgrade to other treatments at the same time.

Patients can also be offered free or discount treatments in return for referring other patients, this strategy alone can quickly grow the patient base of a practice. For a practice in the right location with the right range of treatments, upgrading their facilities to a more spa style experience can yield higher profits and a larger more profitable patient base. Patients are also likely to return more frequently for additional treatments, and not just check ups, cleanings or procedures.

The benefits for staff retention can also be great as the work environment can be more relaxing and luxurious, leading to happier staff and patients. All of the factors need to be considered, in particular the practice location and demand for treatments to ensure the practice is set up for success.

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