Considerations before Cellulite Reduction Surgery

Considerations before Cellulite Reduction Surgery

Cellulite reduction surgery remains one of the cornerstones of effective, albeit costly, cellulite management. However, like all surgical procedures, regardless of whether these are considered as invasive or minimally-invasive, there are always risks involved. That is why it is imperative that one understand the major considerations before cellulite reduction surgery can be effectively performed.

  • Extent of cellulite problem

One of the things that you want to consider is the extent of your cellulite problem. Most women have cellulite at their thighs and upper arms while others have it localized in the buttocks region. However, there are those who have cellulite in all of these regions including the belly. At an average cost of $2500 per region, you’d really have to do the math before going under the knife. Nevertheless, if it’s really causing you great emotional distress, then CRS might be well worth it.

  • Severity of the cellulite issue                                                                                                                                                             

Understand that cosmetic surgeons are not magicians. If you think that all of your severe dimpling, lumping, and bulging will instantly disappear after the CRS, then you’re in the shock of your life. It might as well lead to an emotional breakdown and have you cursing at your doctor for making you believe magic can happen. Even with perfectly executed surgeries, there will always be cellulite after the procedure. So, keep this in mind especially if you have more severe forms of it.

  • Obesity

Did you know that obesity actually increases the appearance of dimpling and bulging in your skin? If you know for a fact that you’re obese, maybe you should try losing weight first and see if it will work out in making your cellulite less noticeable. Remember, even if you decide to undergo CRS, if you are obese, then you will still be showing those lumps and dimples. So, you’re just wasting your time and money.

  • Loose skin

If your cellulite is accompanied by rather loose skin, CRS may not be the right solution for you. Surgery is not designed to tighten the skin. Even if the cellulite is removed, you’d still have a wrinkly appearance since your skin is not pulled taut. In a way, you will still look having cellulite.

  • Lifestyle changes

Are you ready to modify your lifestyle? You see, cellulite treatments, including surgery, can only give you a head start in living a life that’s free from cellulite. If you keep on doing the same things you did before, you really cannot expect the results to last that very long. So, you need to ask yourself how committed are you to exercise and change your dietary patterns to help prevent the reemergence of cellulite.

Cellulite reduction surgery is an effective way to manage unsightly dimples on the skin. Owing to its cost, there are some serious considerations that need to be analyzed.

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