Migraine Secrets Revealed

Migraine Secrets Revealed

When was the last time you were let in on a secret? If you suffer from migraine headaches I have got something for you. Those annoying headaches can be a thing of the past. All you have to do is go to a chiropractor and tell him or her that you have headaches. Sure your M.D.’s jaw will drop. Do you care if your headaches go away? As long as you get better I don’t think so.

There are many types of headache . Bad ones are usually called migraines. So there are plenty of headaches that go misdiagnosed. Let’s create the right recipe for migraine resolution. You need to have a negative MRI. If you are a chronic migraine headache sufferer you really need an MRI to rule out brain problems. There is no chiropractor in the world who can help you with a serious brain issue. Get the bad stuff ruled out. If you have a negative MRI there is a good chance that you can get real serious relief fro your migraine headaches by seeing a chiropractor. You will need a neck x-ray. In almost every case of headaches I have seen, there is a loss of the normal cervical curve. The loss of curvature indicates the loss of structural integrity.

When the cervical bones misalign they put pressure on the brain and spinal nerves. This alone is a reason that there are so many headaches. So when you reach for a pill to stop a headache you can buy yourself some relief but the underlying problem is not addressed. We need to realign the vertebrae in the neck. This will remove nerve interference allowing the nerve and brain to work without added pressure on it. Trust me this stuff really works. well, when applied to the right cases. The main criteria as I see it are the negative MRI, loss of cervical curve, bad headaches, and a clean bill of health. Put all these factors together and you have a good chance of getting your headaches fixed for good.

So what is stopping you from trying a chiropractor out for your headaches? You might be scared. Maybe you heard something about chiropractors not being real doctors. If your definition of a doctor is one who prescribes medication. Then you are right we are not real doctors. We look at the spine as a vital part of your body. When something goes out of place in your spine it can compromise the brains’ ability to communicate with the body. Think of your spine as a fusebox. When a fuse blows out power gets turned off. When a vertebra in your spine misaligns it interferes with the communication process and causes pain as well. By relieving the pressure a misaligned bone inflicts on the body we can restore the ability to communicate and to decrease pain.

This stuff really works well. The headache sufferer needs to be brave and make the appointment with a chiropractor.. Have an x-ray taken and listen to the recommendations they put forth. I will tell you that you need to have reasonable expectations. You won’t be cured right away. I would suggest that you give it 4 weeks to see results. If you end your care without giving it time you will never know if it would work. That would be terrible. I like to say that you need to be 50% improved by the end of the 4th week. Not cured but improved. Then you can figure out a treatment plan to finish out your care. Approach it the right way and you can expect to be rewarded with your headaches being gone for good.
Why are you still suffering from migraines then? You need to be educated and learn about headaches. Merely relying on your doctor to guide can lead you to years of additional misery. Knowing treatment options outside the medical realm can make a positive impact on the quality of your life. I am positioning chiropractic as a viable alternative. I will add that acupuncture as well has been helpful in treating migraine headaches. Your medical doctor specializes in medicines and may be unaware of alternatives that really help. Reach out to a chiropractor when you have had enough of headaches. You will know for sure in a short period of time. I want you to be free from headaches. I hope this helps you. Please leave a comment below and share this article.

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