What Are Straightening Options For Adult Teeth?

What Are Straightening Options For Adult Teeth?

Were you born with crooked or twisted teeth? Or have your teeth become twisted because of the movement of teeth, the change in your mouth’s structure, or the tooth loss that can come with age?

Crooked or misaligned teeth are not attractive. You may feel self-conscious or lose your self-confidence because of them.

Twisted teeth cause problems. You find it difficult to chew your food. You find it tricky to clean your teeth efficiently. You may even have tooth decay, gum problems, gaps and even TMJ because of them.

Orthodontics is the field in dentistry, which addresses the problem of crooked teeth.

What are the options for straightening adult teeth?

– Visible Braces

These are the traditional braces. They are usually made of metal wires with brackets made of your choice of stainless steel, clear plastic, or tooth-colored ceramic.

These braces have strong grip; they are usually recommended for serious alignment problems like a turned tooth.

Opting for these braces has certain drawbacks. You may find that having the brackets inside your mouth can be bothersome and sometimes, downright painful. The braces make it difficult to eat certain food. They are also tricky to keep clean. Moreover, you may not want to have visible wires on your teeth.

You do not have to wear fixed wire braces if they make you feel uncomfortable or awkward. There are many newer straightening procedures to help you get the smile that you have long wanted to have.

– Invisalign

These are braces that are nearly invisible. Invisalign makes use of clear, detachable plastic trays to help straighten your teeth. You get new trays every couple of weeks until your teeth approximate the ideal position.

Adults like Invisalign because other people hardly notice that you are using them. You can remove the trays whenever you want. You can enjoy eating food without worrying about having particles stick to your braces. You can also brush and floss your teeth efficiently.

The Invisalign system is pretty straightforward to apply. It is also easy to maintain.

– Inman Aligner

The Inmar Aligner is another option you can consider.

This aligner is designed to make your front teeth straight safely and quickly. Your doctor may recommend this simple, removable dental appliance as a stand-alone treatment for straightening your teeth or as a pre-alignment procedure prior to minimal veneers or bonding as further cosmetic dental procedures.

The Inman Aligner uses coil springs to control two aligner bows that gently go up against each other to guide your teeth into a better, and more attractive position. The aligner bows use a squeeze effect to straighten your teeth. With its inner bow pushing frontward and its outer bow pulling backward, the Inman Aligner applies gentle pressure, and eventually moves your teeth into the ideal position.

– Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are also referred to as “instant orthodontics”. They do not actually straighten your teeth. They simply make your teeth look straight so that you get to have a beautiful smile.

Your dentist can position veneers on the front surface of your teeth so they look straight. The veneers also improve the color of your teeth. With the use of porcelain veneers, your teeth improve in both shape and color.

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