What Is Ubi Or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Used For?

What Is Ubi Or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Used For?

UBI, which stands for ultraviolet blood irradiation is a type of procedure which exposes blood to ultraviolet light which increases the immune responses in the body to fight off and kill infections. When exposed to UV light, viruses and bacteria in the bloodstream will absorb up to 5 times as much
as the photonic energy, along with the white and red blood cells.

This will mean that fragments of the infecting agents that have been killed will create an autogenous, yet safe vaccination-like response. This further directs and activates the immune-system to any infections in the body that it is trying to overcome.

The overall result is an induction of what is known as a secondary kill of any infecting agents in the body. Treating just 35 cc of blood with ultraviolet blood irradiation brings about an advantageous systemic response. The treatment amount required will be determined by a number of variables that include
what health the patients immune-system is in, the duration of the illness, and how severe the disease is.

UBI Benefits

– Heightens the immune responses in the body

– Powerful anti-infection and anti-inflammatory effects

– Oxygenation of the tissues

– Improves circulation

– Reduces tissue pain

– Increases pain and immune tolerance to chemotherapy or radiation

– Cardiovascular protection in the way of increasing the metabolism of glucose, uric acid and cholesterol

– Stimulates the red cell production

– Improvement in the properties and flow of blood

How Does UBI Work?

Ultraviolet blood irradiation or UBI is a type of procedure which exposes blood to UV light that boosts the immune response in the body to fight infections. When exposed to UV light, the immune-system responses will increase while the
UV light kills the infecting organisms, which makes them antigenic.

This will further activate as well as direct the patients immune-system to any other infections that are present in the body that it is trying to overcome. UBI therapy is applied intravenously in the way of irradiating a small percentage of the patients blood, which is based on the weight of the patient.

Blood will be drawn from the patient where it is passed through a mechanism that is air-tight which produces the ultraviolet energy. The treated blood is then returned into the patients body.

This treatment produces a fast-acting detoxifying effect. A few patients might feel a slight discomfort when the needle is inserted. Certain patients will immediately start to feel better after the treatment, while for others the effects might take a few days in order to notice any improvements.
This has to do with the fact that the body starts to detoxify from this type of treatment.

In fact, many patients will experience a short-duration of symptoms that include chills, fever, tiredness and common flu-like symptoms. In the individuals that have a compromised or weakened immune system such as candida, chronic fatigue or a number of sensitivities, it can take 4 to 5 treatments before the immune system will
start to work and for noticeable results.

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