The Dental Technology Profession

The Dental Technology Profession

A dental technician is a part of the dentistry team that, upon direction from a dentist, builds dental prosthetics and custom-built restorations. Some dental technicians are involved in prosthetic dentistry, while others may work in dental laboratory technology. In addition, many dental technicians are involved in the design and development of dental implants and bonding agents for bridges.

Dental technicians generally work under the supervision of a dentist who is the primary practitioner on the team. The dental technician’s role is to assist the dentist by completing customer requested designing, fabrication and construction of metal and non-metal dentures, bridges, crowns, implants, dental devices and appliances.

A dental prosthetic is used when a tooth is missing, or if teeth are damaged, such as broken crowns or caps. The device provides the impression of a natural tooth, and allows the patient to continue to maintain the same level of oral care, he or she would have had before the tooth was lost or damaged. An implant is made of porcelain, composite materials, or metal.

Prosthetics are usually attached to the surface of the jawbone through adhesives, bridges, screws, or dental implants. The prosthetic and restorative techniques used can vary according to the needs of patients, including those who require a full set of dentures or braces.

Dental lab technology is used to test the function and stability of artificial teeth and implants. This technology is designed to reduce or eliminate the risk of root canal complications and to improve the appearance of implants and prosthetics. In addition, it is also used to test the ability of implants to perform tasks when placed in the mouth, such as chewing.

Most dental technologies are found within dental laboratories. These laboratories typically house dental equipment for testing and evaluation of prosthetic and restorative technologies. The laboratory can test prosthetics and restorations to see if they are working properly. The laboratory can also test a patient’s oral health to determine what dental problems may require more treatment, or if the patient requires additional procedures.

Dental technicians can perform tasks associated with the field of dentistry. Some of the common tasks include constructing full or partial dentures to replace total or partial loss of original teeth, manufacturing bridges and crowns to restore original teeth, fabricating removable or fixed dental appliances to repair dental abnormalities, constructing prostheses to accommodate dental implants, making models of teeth and the mouth from patient impressions, and evaluating, as well as red-designing processes to improve results.

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