This Unique Mushroom Is Good For Dogs

This Unique Mushroom Is Good For Dogs

When you first hear the source of Cordyceps mushrooms, you may be reluctant to eat them.

But dont let the fact that this unique mushroom is found on the larvae of caterpillars in Japan discourage you. While they sound odd, they have long been used in ancient Chinese medicine for many different treatments.

And recent clinical trials are proving what ancient medicine has long believed: all mushrooms have many health benefits.

Depending on the variety of mushrooms, they can help fight cancer and support the immune system. Others are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial. Still others boost brain health.

And for dog lovers, we are now learning that our four-legged friends can also access these enhancements to their well-being.
So lets explore how Cordyceps mushrooms can help mans best friend.
The Benefits of Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps mushrooms are found on the larvae of caterpillars in Japan. While it was used in Asian medicine for different treatments, including low sex drive, fatigue, and kidney disease, recent clinical studies indicate that Cordyceps may have anti-influenza effects.
For instance, one study on the specific strain Cordyceps militaris showed that it had an anti-influenza effect on mice, measured by a stable body weight and reduced mortality.

Another study was done on an isolated compound from the extract of Cordyceps militaris, known as acidic polysaccharide. It displayed beneficial therapeutic effects on the influenza A virus infection, partly by supporting the immune system.

These studies were conducted on mice, but the results are positive in showing that Cordyceps has possible antiviral effects, along with antioxidant and cancer-fighting properties. Cordyceps may also help diabetics by mimicking insulin.

Cordyceps Mushrooms For Dogs

As for helping our four-legged friends, the Cordyceps is often used to help treat kennel cough, because it has a dilating effect on the airways of the lungs, and serves as a cough suppressant.
In addition, the Cordyceps mushroom has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which are helpful in supporting the overall health of a dog.

Finally, its also easy to give to dogs because its best purchased as a Cordyceps supplement powder. While its rarity means the best strain has a high price tag, there are more affordable, lab-created versions that are used in most supplements.

Feeding Mushrooms To Dogs

If you purchase Cordyceps powder, its easy to mix the powder into dog food. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label to ensure the correct dose. The usual dose for humans is based on a 150-pound person, so you can adjust the amount based on your dogs weight.
You can also start with a small amount and slowly increase the dose, to ensure your dogs digestive system adapts to this new addition to her diet.

Final Thoughts

The unique Cordyceps mushroom provides a number of advantages to the health of humans. But it can also give a boost to the well-being of our furry friends.

By purchasing Cordyceps mushroom powder and mixing it into your dogs food, mans best friend can access the same health benefits we enjoy from mushrooms.

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